24Seven Agency Service

Steel&Bulk, As Agent providing 24Seven service to  all types of vessels calling Turkish Ports along with passing Turkish Straits of Bosphorus and Dardanelles.

• Cash Deliveries
• Delivery of Spare Parts
• Delivery of Crew Mail
• Delivery of Courier Packages
• Crew Changes
• Bunker, Luboil
• Fresh Water Supply


.Lubricating oil.Fresh Water  


.Transit Ship spares and Logistic Services
.Provision & Bonded Store, Deck, Engine, Cabin & Galley Store
.Stationary & office store
.Marine, Offshore & Industrial equipment and spare parts                     .Rental Services
.General Cleaning and Fumigation Services



.All types of ship repair, maintenance and construction
.The repair of diesel engines and the manufacture of spare parts
.The repair of electric equipment and machinery
.The production of spare parts for vessels and machines, using up-to-date equipment
.The production of metal constructions
.Casting, forging and punching of non-ferrous metals and steel and iron
.Loading and warehouse operations
.The building, repair and maintenance of yachts and smaller vessels

CREWING AGENCY                                                                 

.Crew change can be done at Istanbul Roads and all port around Turkey